This article will show you how to activate and manage your apps' assigned hotkeys for in-game control with Overwolf.

Depending on how you downloaded Overwolf, there may be different hotkeys active.
If you download the standard version from the Overwolf website, your default hotkeys will be as follows:

  • Control hotkey: Control + Tab
  • Game Capture hotkey: Shift + F10
  • Screenshot hotkey: Shift + F11

Note that if you download Overwolf from another website which has an app on Overwolf (such as TeamSpeak, HearthArena, etc.) then that app will be automatically implemented among your Overwolf apps and so will the specific app's hotkeys.

To assign / unassign hotkeys follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Overwolf settings (wrench icon on your Overwolf dock, or right click the Overwolf tray icon and choose "Settings")
  2. Navigate to the "Hotkeys" tab on the left menu
  3. Press on the hotkey field so it says "Choose Key" and press the hotkey of your choice
  4. If you wish to unassign a hotkey, just hover over it and press the "X" button when it appears