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Recorded a win as a loss

The HA app just recorded a win as a loss. Was a 5-2 Paladin going into the match. Was on 30 health and opponent on 4 health. On their turn, opponent played a North Sea Kraken and damaged their own body, ending the game. HearthArena app displayed my record as 5-3 instead of 6-2. Looking at the results page at HearthArena for my run, the game result is recorded as a loss against an "Unknown" opponent class (it was a Mage).

After restarting both Hearthstone and HA, it still showed 5-3 record. After restarting computer, it now behaves as if I do not currently have an arena run going and is waiting for me to start a draft (deck list is gone too).

I have more granular details plus relevant screenshots that I can provide if you email me.

Love the app and keep up the great work!
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every time i win it count as a loss for me do you know how to fix it?

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