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No advice is being displayed

I have tried restarting the app several times, but there is still no advice displayed when I am choosing my cards.

I have the exact same problem, it recognizes all three cards, but it cant say what to choose, and then it crashes... :/
same for me. Running it under w7 64bits on a french version
same here, 5 hours ago it worked, now it doesn't
+1, same problem. Waiting for fix.
After 5 hour down-time on our calculating servers, we are back online. It turned out something broke at the actual data center, affecting possibly thousands of servers, completely unrelated to our individual server. It's just very bad luck that after 8 months of uptime it had to be this day...

Is this problem fixed now?
It seems to be working fine now, thanks for the fix.
it worked fine yesterday for my first game , and the 2nd till today (5 runs) no advice or cardscores , it seems a program bug to me.
Still using windows 8.1 tho if it matters
Now it work's fine, ty!
Still getting the same problem as of 5:30 CST, Oct 13th. The app gets stuck when making a decision between the three cards. Ive restarted Overwolf and Hearthstone several times, running Overwolf as admin. I'm on Windows 10 64bit
I have same problem right now
Same issue as of 5:32pm Central, Oct. 26th. The widget says the three card names, but no numbers or advice are coming up. Restarting the app, restarting Hearthstone, restarting the computer all have no effect. Back to typing for me! No big deal, but I liked being lazy :(
having the problem today just says "evaluating opetions for pick #1" but nothing is on my screen
still no advice being displayed
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