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Deck tracker size

I really wish that the size of the deck tracker is customizable cause arena run deck consist of different kind of cards most of the time. If you have a small screen and a long list, your deck tracker normally doesn't fit.

I play HS with 1366x768 resolution and windowed mode enabled. My problem is that the card list on the left side does not fit in to my current window. I can't see the 3-4 cards at the end of my deck. As a result, I have to pull it up and down everytime when I want to check my cards. I wonder if you can make it resizable somehow to make all cards fit in the current window. Or my screen is too small for this, I don't know.
I have a 55" screen (tv) but I sit too far away to be able to read the font of the heartharena app. I have no issue reading other stuff inside hearthstone or even smaller font sizes in general, but the heartharena font is just sort of blurry.
Could you please make a setting to increase font size / deck size?
Or better yet to be able to change font.
It's really lard on small screens and covers the card play history
My max Screen res height is 768, so the deck tracker doesn't fit. It would just be nice if it automatically shrunk to the size of my hearthstone window, or failing that, make a few selectable choices for the height of the tracker, depending on your screen res
Agreed. Doesn't fit on smaller resolutions like *768
using 1200 height and tracker is too small, like 60% of height

some size customization would be appreciated
I want a bigger tracker! Adjustable would be awesome
i agree! it's too small for my screen
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