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Evaluating options for pick #1...

We have found a DPI problem for Windows 8.1 laptops (potentially more windows versions). The app will not recognize your cards if your system has this problem.

As a temporary fix. In windows go to:

Right click -> Screen Resolution -> Make text and items bigger or smaller

Now check "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays". Re-login windows and it should now work.

We are investigating how we can prevent the above from being needed.

What about Windows 10?
This isn't working for Windows 10
Windows 8.1. This fix got past the evaluating options for pick #x...

BUT, it now just says to choose a card, without actually giving advice. Eventually the HearthArena box disappears, maybe crashing.

Last log entry in the OverwolfCEF file states...

[1012/] Running without renderer sandbox
Windows 10 has same problem. Running display at 4k.
"Let me choose one scaling level" might also need a specific scaling level. I went with the usable scaling for my screen and needs (the Medium & Large preset), but it still doesn't work. And of course changing scaling levels destroys your icon organization on the desktop, and any preset zoom levels that chrome has learned for websites or that your programs last used all have to be changed.

Edit: I found that Smaller works, but I can't leave my desktop like this all the time, and I can't change back and forth in order to use the Companion app without messing up my other scaling presets & desktop.

I then found that Medium works! I'm not sure why. Cycling through the different presets may or may not have done something; and my old desktop arrangement for my original setting was restored when I cycled back to it!
I also had this, for the first pick only.
It fixed itself when switching to windowed mode, letting the first pick happen after that I could switch back to fullscreen.
Same problem. Running Windows 10 with DPI at 110%. Windows 10 does not have the mentioned option.
How to fix this for Windows 10?
Crazy's suggestion works for me on Windows 10. Change HS to windowed mode for the first pick, then you can back to full screen mode and it works fine afterwards.
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