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Focus Issue

I couldn't find anywhere to report a bug/issue. When I alt-tab out of games, the game loses focus for a second, and then regains it, without coming back to the foreground.

For example, if I have a game and a web browser window open, and I alt-tab to the browser and start typing, my first few keystrokes go to the browser as intended but then the game regains focus and I need to click in the browser to continue typing.

If I alt-tab and hold on to alt to view available windows, the window list also disappears after a second.

I have determined this is caused by Overwolf, because once I quit Overwolf alt-tabbing works normally.

This is a minor annoyance, but on a daily basis it becomes a pretty big deal, to me at least.

I play Guild Wars 2 in windowed fullscreen mode so I can seamlessly use my second monitor to look up info, but every single time I want to use my browser on my second monitor I have to click on it twice to completely move the focus away from the game.

I love Overwolf but I've been considering uninstalling it because this issue has been driving me increasingly mad over the past few weeks. Please fix it!!

Thanks in advance for your time.
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Nearly four months later and you give me a completely irrelevant answer... I said nothing about YouTube...

I have since stopped using Overwolf, mainly because of this issue.
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