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Delete a timers for Lol

Create a new timers for League of Legends jungle .Ill change in them:

-Automatic reset if you kill buff ( becouse this timers who is on Overwolf is uselles coz all the time i forgot to click it )

- Create a miniature for all buffs and if you click on them you will see how much time to spawn(dragon,baron,wolfs,wraights,big wraight,(blue,red buff))

-Create something like livestats to check division of you teammates and enemies, runes , masteries , KDA (something like a Lolking livestats)

-Add skins to app ( all of people who using Overwolf will can change a look of thier client)

-Add adblock to a Browser

-Ill add a music player to a game and you will can pick your playlist and in options you will can turn on it in the game.

I think so it will be helpfull to you!
My pleasure!
Tomasz Wilczek

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Hey Tomek, automatic timers would be against the rules of LoL
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