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Game killers!

If you have a way to start game exe (which is awesome) then make a way to kill them. What I mean is that I get way involved in my games and sometimes need a clock that will just end my game for me. something that gives a 5 min warning that the game will be stopped and closed out because I need to go to bed or for my kids 1 hr block of gaming since keeping up with them is tough when we are all playing. say I set the timer for 1 hr and they are playing and "hey freak you got 5 min of game time left" then after 5 mins. game goes off. This is actually a NEED instead of a want, it could save marriages or whatnots lol!

I like this idea , maybe they can add this feature to the SDK - closing games :D
You may want to search for a more specific parental control application or even a LAN House management program, most of them have many ways to inform the user his time is over and actions to take upon this time.
I disagree with adding a kill game function to the API, it would be seriously misused, and would only have one use-case.
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