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Guild roster - Star Wars: The Old Republic

This wont be easy as bioware and partners are very um I guess hard headed but I love the guys for making my game.
no one out there any where has a updateable guild roster from the game. WOW has apps that allow you to build a roster by exporting the info from the game and it updates as players grow.
We may have to start with something smaller such as crafting helpers or crafting trackers or even an app that will allow you to send your toons on craft missions just by using overwolf. in or out of the game . I play multiple games so to check in on my guild or to craft things for my members would be awesome.

The game being spoken about is Star Wars: The Old Republic

My bad I am speaking Star Wars The Old Republic.
I edited your idea to add in the fact you're talking about SW:TOR.
awesome, ty
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