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manually adding in games from launcher and/or .exe files instead of doing a search by folder

just a thought that the program would be better if manually game adding should be by the launcher and/or the .exe file instead cause for games on steam or origin there is always an error when trying to add the game in and this would be something better so we the gamers do not get these errors when trying to add in the games we play

very good idea this would be fastest an the best solution for people with some knowlage.
I think that this is a great idea, but not just games. For example, in steam you can add non-steam games to the launcher. Why not do that with OverWolf as well?
I have an SSD for my OS, and I don't want to clunk it up, so I try to install everything on my data drive (3TB Harddrive.) The problem I have is, Overwolf uses their own predetermined path, thus causing it to not work with my games or my applications. This is incredibly annoying, and makes Overwolf pointless for me.
I have the same problem as Anonymus (SSD) where almost all my games are installed on extenal media.
I would just appreciate it if the program looked and added all the games in my steam folder. When I try to add them manually it fails?
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